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Death is the most bitter reality of life, and when someone you love is terminally-ill, it’s hard to deal with it.

#LaughAtDeath is an Indian Association of Palliative Care initiative, which aims at helping terminally ill people – by providing palliative (end-of-life) care – live as well as they can, for as long as they can, by providing support to both the ailing patient and the family members.

The video features four terminally-ill individuals: Janice Powell, Pooran Issarsingh, Narendra Mhatre and Manudevi Singh, who very bravely and sportingly joke about their own ailments and death.

Manudevi says, “Why are you sad? You don’t even have a cough, I have lung cancer!”, causing the teary-eyed audience to burst into laughter.

While Narendra Mhatre jokes, “People in America are hoping for a President like me, one that won’t last long!”

Trained by stand-up comics Kunal Kamra, Punit Pania, Kashyap Swaroop and Vinay Sharma, the performance is truly bitter-sweet!


Nigeria’s first comedy festival Sets to debut in Lagos

Nigeria’s position as the entertainment capital of Africa has often been demonstrated with the global success of our film industry, Nollywood, and music. But a third contributor, Comedy, is now about to get up and take its place.


As Nigerian comedians continue to build a thriving industry out of little, consumers have come to embrace Nigerian comedy as preferred entertainment content, causing revenues to grow up to the billion naira mark in the past five years, and influences on music, movies, public relations and advertising skyrocketing. According to pioneer stand-up comedian Ali Baba, the industry is now estimated to be worth around 1 billion naira, as of December 2016.

The industry will now welcome its first festival, a much-needed platform to discuss past, present and future issues and opportunities, showcase talent, celebrate legends, buy and sell, and teach. Eko Comedy Festival, so named because of its Lagos origin, will hold in May of 2017, as part of what organisers, First Class Entertainment, say is a timely intervention to restructure the comedy industry, while preparing the market for a future that can see comedy contribute remarkable to Nigeria and Africa’s GDP. ‘Our industry has indeed come of age, thriving through many generations and genres’, says founder Tunde Adewale. ‘ECOFEST is a celebration of the Nigerian comedy industry, and we’re glad that our debut coincides with the 50th anniversary of our host state, Lagos.’




CC TV: What is the reason for your ongoing COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR (THE CALL TO BAR)?

MORAN CEE:  The reason is to show the link between the Comedy Court brand and the various relaxation spots where laughter and happiness could be shared with emphasis on the BAR which has a Legal connotation. Our reference to BAR here is not a BEER PARLOUR but a classy elevated podium with a shelf containing assorted drinks (Not necessarily alcohol) capable of inspiring the Chief Judge/Justice to sit and judge hilarious cases. Through the COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR, (Featuring Live Judgement of Funny cases, Stand-Up Comedy, Music, Dance, CALL TO BAR ceremony and award of Endorsement Certificates to hosting venues) I am  connecting my Legal Comedy brand to the grassroots, as some people sometime see it as a comedy brand only for the elites. Laughter is for everybody irrespective of class. Also both the rich and the poor usually have cases in the courts. Although it has created a self niche in the industry, but it can relate to all at every occasion. Larger percentage of my fans are from the U,S, UK, Europe, and Asia  because they understand the LEGAL concepts better. My Facebook fan page (Comedy Court Official Facebook Page) has this statistics.  By the grace of God the brand’s acceptance is highly encouraging and we rank Number one Reverbnation Comedy Chart,Verify here. I have already connected with other Legal Comedy brands in Australia, Malaysia and one springing up in Philippines. So I try to let an average Nigerian understand little elements of Law through Legal humor. Some people are already terming me the Asa, Lagbaja, Femi Kuti of Nigerian Comedy because of my distinct madness!

I believe in starting off with a NATIONAL tour before proceeding to an international tour. Many are also warming up to start their own version of National Comedy Tour with different names which is a strong indication that I am making an impact with my mission to COMPLEMENT and COMPLETE the hustles of other Comedy Advocates in the industry and not to COMPETE with them. The tour is endorsed by SCHOOL OF LAW, AMERICAN HERITAGE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.  We can be contacted on: 08038395522 or 09093839041 for supports, sponsorships and Participation.

Always remember that in COMEDY COURT with MORAN CEE…Every Joke is a Case and every Case is a Joke! I REST MY CASE!



The Comedy Court Bar Tour Crew would be hosted this Friday July 8th, 2016 by CHOPPERS’ RESTAURANT & BAR  Ikeja. It would feature judgement of hilarious cases by the Chief Judge/Justice; MORAN CEE with Stand-Up comedy performances, Music and Dance from Notable Artistes. This is the continuation of the tour across classy Clubs, Bars, Hangouts in Lagos and other states. For reservations call: 08038395522 or 09093839041NEW-BANNER-MORANCEE CHOPERS BAR - Copy.gif


Join the COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR crew as we are hosted by classy Bars, Clubs and Relaxation spots across Nigeria with Musical, Dance, Stand-up comedy performances from popular and upcoming acts. Get ready to be entertained by Live judgement of funny cases and CALLED TO BAR by the Chief Judge/Justice; MORAN CEE. Also witness the presentation of Comedy Court International’s endorsement Certificate. It has always been fun all round. Call: 08038395522 to feature your Drinks and beverages to be used in calling guests to Bar! I REST MY CASE! #IRMC