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Death is the most bitter reality of life, and when someone you love is terminally-ill, it’s hard to deal with it.

#LaughAtDeath is an Indian Association of Palliative Care initiative, which aims at helping terminally ill people – by providing palliative (end-of-life) care – live as well as they can, for as long as they can, by providing support to both the ailing patient and the family members.

The video features four terminally-ill individuals: Janice Powell, Pooran Issarsingh, Narendra Mhatre and Manudevi Singh, who very bravely and sportingly joke about their own ailments and death.

Manudevi says, “Why are you sad? You don’t even have a cough, I have lung cancer!”, causing the teary-eyed audience to burst into laughter.

While Narendra Mhatre jokes, “People in America are hoping for a President like me, one that won’t last long!”

Trained by stand-up comics Kunal Kamra, Punit Pania, Kashyap Swaroop and Vinay Sharma, the performance is truly bitter-sweet!