COMEDY COURT INTERNATIONAL/COMEDY COURT (with MORAN CEE); The first Legal Comedy Brand/genre in Africa; is the official Entertainment brand of Mo-Think Int’l Limited,which was conceived in 2008 but was officially launched with COMEDY ADVOCACY award ceremony on September 15, 2013 amidst heavy media presence and accolades, with the aim of promoting Comedy, delivering humor to the teeming Nigerian and global populace in a creative manner either in stand-Up Comedy, Theater Drama, movie or Skits using the court’s concepts/styles.It’s concepts might seem similar, but it is totally different from other Comedy Court brands outside Africa. In Comedy Court, real life and fictitious cases are examined in a hilarious manner by the no-nonsense Chief Judge/Justice; MORAN CEE, aimed at provoking laughter to prosecute and sentence sadness, depressions, frustrations etc. In Comedy Court, every case is considered a joke and every Joke is also considered a case no matter how real it may sound or be. The Comedy Court (with MORAN CEE) brand has released two Audio Comedy Albums (Comedy Court with Moran Cee Sessions 1 & 2) currently selling in Nigerian markets and also singles that have been used by major mobile Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria as Ring Back Tunes. Comedy Court with Moran Cee also has numerous video skits on her YouTube channels and has the first Video series; OIL COMPANY WORKER and Woowo Case about to hit the shelves.  At present, the firm’s lead Artiste; Moran Cee through his unique creative works, has maintained the Number one (No.1) spot on Reverbnation’s Comedy Rank Charts both locally and nationally Click here to confirm with various posted performances, Audio Albums, Singles, skits and video cameo appearance to his credit. Comedy Court International has recently been listed as one of the TOP 25 COMEDY PROFILES on LINKEDIN. The brand at present, has a scheduled promotional tour; COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR with MORAN CEE and a promotional project for Nigerian Upcoming Stand- up Comics tagged “COMEDY COURT STUDIO FREESTYLE”


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