At the grand launch of the Comedy Court International in 2013, the following individuals and organizations received merit awards for COMEDY ADVOCACY, which involves supporting the growth of Comedy and Entertainment in Nigeria:

CATEGORY (A):AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN RECOGNITION OF CONTRIBUTION TO COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH OUTSTANDING DISTRIBUTION/MARKETING STRATEGIES. (Without the Marketers/Distributors, there would not be an even circulation of Comedy/Music/Movie materials where they are needed by customers. The nominees are among the few who have consistently packaged and distributed works of major known acts within Nigeria and beyond. They have over the years distinguished themselves from some insincere ones that have tarnished the image of Distributors/Marketers in Alaba and outside)                            RECIPIENTS

  1. Ahbu Ventures
  2. Uba Pacific
  3. Chuksbiri Ventures
  4. Obaino Music
  5. Iyke the Don Entertainment
  6. Tjoes Distribution
  7. Golden Point
  8. P Collins Associates
  9. Onye Eze Productions
  10. Pressing Forward Movies
  11. Andy Best Electronics
  12. Royal Arts Academy
  13. Olasco Films
  14. Dom Chris Best Productions


CATEGORY (B) AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN RECOGNITION OF CONTRIBUTION TO COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH APPLICATIONS OF SOUND EVENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES (Without the contributions of event managers, great entertainment events would flop. The nominees have distinguished themselves through the applications of various event management strategies on various high profile events generating positive results. This award shall boost their continuous supports to comedy/Entertainment events in future).


1.Lanre Makun Events

2.Elizabeth R

3.Zaphire Events


5.Enthyst Events

6.Busy Bee events


CATEGORY (C):AWARD OF EXCELLENCE  IN RECOGNITION OF CONTRIBUTION TO  COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH MEDIA CREATIVITY AND RE-BRANDING.(Without the media, there would be no entertainment. The media whether print, Electronic, digital or social goes a long way to determine the success or failure of any entertainer through their reportage. The nominated media houses have distinguished themselves by brand uniqueness and strive for great re-positioning for effectiveness)


The most creative Entertainment Newspaper

  • Entertainment Express Newspaper

The most Re-branded Entertainment Television with best Comedy Contents

  • Television Continental (TVC)Entertainment

The most creative Radio station with Best Comedy Content

  • Wazobia FM


CATEGORY (D):AWARD  OF EXCELLENCE IN RECOGNITION OF CONTRIBUTION TO COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH DIGITAL PRINTS AND OPTICAL DISC MANUFACTURING (Every music, comedy or movie are mostly stored  in a compact Disc (CD) format and inserted in a well labeled Jacket for easy Distribution. The brains behind these must be recognized for their consistent quality contributions over the years as no CD does not bear their names on them):


For digital Printing Excellence

  • Peter Folorunsho CONCEPT

For Disc Manufacturing/Encoding Excellence


CEO of Peter Folorunsho Concept Receiving an Excellence in Digital Design&Prints from Comedy Court Intl

CATEGORY (E):AWARD OF  EXCELLENCE FOR PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GROWTH OF COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT IN NIGERIA IN DIFFERENT CAPACITIES (These individuals , with their passions transformed the face of comedy/entertainment in Nigeria ranging from creating platforms for talent showcase, re-branding comedy and changing ill perceptions, Using creative journalism skills to promote entertainment, Applying good PR skills to artistes and building a popular Entertainment hangout for stars):


For Re-branding Stand-Up Comedy in Nigeria

  • Ali Baba Atunyota

For creating the first Stand-Up comedy platform (Nite of A Thousand Laffs)

  • Opa Williams

For creative Entertainment Journalism

  • Azuh Amatus (Editor,Entertainment Express & Sunday Express Newspapers)

For outstanding Artistes  PR

  • Cornell Udofia

Building a popular Entertainment Hangout

  •  Ken-Caleb Olumese (Guv’nor Nite Shift Coliseum)


CATEGORY (F) SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD TO THE DOYEN OF PROFESSIONAL (ENTERTAINMENT)ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA (Without the application of administrative strategies in any sector of the economy, inefficiency creeps in. The Entertainment Industry requires proper Administrative know-how to meet expectations, the reason the founding father of Professional Administration in Nigeria must be recognized)


Adm.Chief(Dr) J.A Okoronkwo FCIA(Registrar/Founder Chartered Institute of Administration &Nigerian College Of Administration)



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