Contact to engage the Chief Judge/Justice; MORAN CEE on:08038395522 today to handle your events briefs as a Professional M.C/Stand-Up Comedian or sometimes judge hilarious cases Live on stage with his Comedy Court Crew at Weddings, Birthdays, House/Child Dedications,Conferences, Awards, Brand/Product Launch etc

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  • We are the first Legal Comedy Brand in Africa with various endorsements
  • Comedy Court issues endorsement certificates to clients after any event anchored giving it more credibility
  • We anchor any event with humor, meeting up its objectives within specified time frame.
  • Comedy Court’s cases (jokes) are original, well researched and delivered in a creative manner using both English and pidgin for general understanding.
  • Comedy Court can be identified with the slogan “I REST MY CASE” after every oral case (joke) delivery and the hash tag #IRMC after every written case (joke) delivery as signatures.
  • The Chief Judge/Justice (MORAN CEE), can always be identified with the gavel (which people call hammer at events) which is a classic trademark.
  • Our Recent audio Comedy Album (Comedy Court Session 2) is in a SELECT AND PLAY format, giving fans/Customers the opportunity to select and play their favorite cases (jokes) without waiting for a long period for them to be delivered.
  • All our cases (jokes) are classified into categories like Lagos case, poverty case and labeled accordingly for customer insights. Our jokes are not without direction.
  • Some adult jokes are coded to prevent vulgarity because of the children.

    Call us today to anchor your events professionally with Legal humour delivery: 08038395522, 09093839041, E-Mail:comedycourtmorancee@yahoo.com. You can also Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and Google+.


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